Is Your Pet Showing Signs of Aging?

They may need to start having more regular visits to the vet!
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Dr. Emily Credit, DVM with owlDr. Emily Credit was born and raised in Upstate New York and has been enjoying the warmth of the south ever since. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree at a small liberal arts college in New York and then traveled down to Knoxville, Tennessee. Here Dr. Credit attended the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, earning a DVM degree in 2015.

After graduation, she took a position at a holistic practice in North Carolina where she furthered her love for exotic, pocket pets, while still seeing a mix of dogs and cats, as well as small rodents and lizards.

In her free time, Dr. Credit loves spending time with her family, going to bookstores/reading, finding good coffee shops, and walking her pup Luna. She also has two cats, Gizmo and Rorschach. She’s really excited to be part of the Ashburn team and become a part of this wonderful community!