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We offer routine and therapeutic bathing services.

Bathing is one of the most important and simple things you can do to maintain your dog's health as well as to keep your pet well groomed. Mats in the fur pull on the skin and can be very painful. By maintaining good bathing and grooming habits, you are more likely to discover any signs of skin irritation and/or parasites that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Dog BathWe are not a full-service grooming salon, however, all that means is that we cannot perfectly clip a poodle or hand strip a wire fox terrier. We are perfectly capable of giving your dog a bath, and if you dare to compare, you will find that our fees are far from the services of a full-service grooming salon.

Our bathing services include:

    • Massaging bath with appropriate shampoo for your pet's skin condition
    • Blow dry and brush out
    • Ears properly cleaned
    • Anal glands expressed
    • Nail trim

Additional services available:

    • Teeth brushing
    • FURminator shed-less treatment