October Pet Dental Special

Senior Dog and CatAt Ashburn Village Animal Hospital, we put great importance on preventive care so that we can keep our beloved pets around for as long as we can.

Since we are so passionate about making sure our older patients are aging well from the inside out, we'd like to offer 20% off our Geriatric Panel for the entire month of December 2015!

This is a fully comprehensive blood work panel that checks the urine, all organ values, thyroid levels and the white and red cell counts of senior pets.

Running blood work allows us to screen for early diseases and also compare results to the previous ones obtained. By getting blood work done annually, we can detect health issues such as kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid hormone imbalances, systemic infection, anemia, diabetes, and so much more.

Call us at (703) 729-0700 to schedule your senior pet's blood work today!