Heartworm Prevention Month

Save on your pet's Heartworm preventatives and screenings this April.
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heartworm-diagram-dogMosquitoes can spread Heartworm, a harmful disease that affects both dogs and cats. As its name implies, Heartworm lives in the blood of a pet's heart and blood vessels and can cause significant damage. 

To celebrate Heartworm Prevention Month and promote annual screenings and prevention, we are offering the following for the month of April 2017:

  • Get 50% off your dog's Heartworm test if you purchase 12 months of Sentinel (monthly oral preventative)
  • Get 10% off Proheart (injection that provides 6 months of protection) if you pre-pay for the second injection
  • 50% off your cat's Heartworm test if you purchase 12 months of Revolution (monthly topical preventative)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (703) 729-0700 at any time! Learn more about Heartworm and other parasites here.

Is Your Pet Afraid of the Vet? Bring Them in for a Cuddle!

Dr. Germann cuddles puppyWe know that having a pet that is afraid of the veterinarian is stressful for both the owner and the pet! Our veterinarians and staff want to try something new and need your help. We are now offering free cuddle visits to help promote a better relationship between doctor and patient.

These visits are 5-minute slots that allow fearful patients to come just to be cuddled. By doing this, we hope your pets will begin to associate our hospital with a "good place" rather than a place where they get nail trims and shots! This service is especially good for puppies in between their vaccine series and for those pets that are already fearful and aggressive.

Thursday is Senior Citizen Day at Ashburn Village Animal Hospital!

Any new or existing client who is 65 years or older is eligible to receive 10% off all veterinary services on Thursdays. Simply tell one of our client care specialists your age and save.*

January DNA testing specialDiscover What Breeds Make Up Your Dog

Ever wonder what breeds make up your dog? You now have the chance to find out! We are currently offering Royal Canin DNA test kits.

Why Test Your Dog's DNA?

  • To inform your veterinarian on what breed(s) your dog is
  • To give insight into predispositions to certain diseases
  • To help us create a targeted wellness plan for your dog

Call us today at (703) 729-0700 to learn more about canine DNA testing.